Top 4 Reasons to Hire Event Medical Services

Feb 26, 2019

When you start planning your event, what comes to mind? It all starts with food, entertainment, and locations. Your mind gets excited and races into how you can make this event the best yet. There is one factor that we don’t want to think about – what if something goes wrong? Accidents happen and when they do having event medical services gives guests ease of mind, reduces your liability, and all around creates a safe and secure environment.

The Top 4 Reasons To Hire Event Medical Services Are As Follows:


1) Ensure the safety of each and every guest – The world is unpredictable and that unpredictability increases when there’s a large group of people involved and even more so when there is alcohol present. No matter how big the event is if it’s thousands of people or a hundred, having event medical services can mean the difference between someone sitting around waiting for care for hours and getting the proper care immediately.

2) Reduce your liability  – As the event host, you are most likely liable for any injuries that occur during the event in the area that the event is held. This may cause huge issues if event medical services are not on site. A shift in weather could mean muddy slopes to slide down and injuries caused by participating in events or challenges need to have experienced event medical services available to them to ensure they’re being cared for in every way possible.

3) Add a sense of professionalism – Depending on your event, it will need to be upheld to certain standards. For large brands and businesses, having event medical services on site means that your guests will feel that they’re a top priority. This will reinforce your brand’s reputation as being trustworthy, caring, and professional.

4) Preparation and organization are key to any successful event – The saying “better safe than sorry” is hugely applicable here. There are many benefits to having event medical services on site at your event. For any event to be successful, everything needs to be planned and organized for any unseen event or occurrence – including injuries. The amount of bad attention that can harm your business if someone is injured and there is no safety net in place is astronomical. For peace of mind for the event organizer and for guests and vendors alike, event medical services should be top 3 on your list of hires.

Our Experience As Event Medical Service Providers:

Entertainment Events

Crowds, alcohol, and loud music are a fun combination but it’s a combination that requires safety precautions. We’ve all heard a horror story or two about entertainment industry events, but having event medical services on site can make guests, parents, family, vendors, feel secure. Aaron Paramedical has been providing standby medical services to company events for many years and we always take our job very seriously. We have been the organization of choice for the Calgary Stampede, Calgary Stampeders, and other large events for several years.

Film & Television 

Studio, sounds stages, and location sites are places that require attention and care to be around. Many things can go wrong on a film set, especially on location. Having event medical services on standby makes everybody feel more comfortable. Aaron Paramedical has a reputation unrivalled anywhere in Western Canada for providing the best emergency medical standby services. Our lengthy experience and specially-trained Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) and Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) means your crew is well looked after.

Props & Extras

Our Personnel are always happy to show your extras the proper ways to use medical equipment. Or, hit two birds with one stone and hire our medical Personnel as your extras for no training needed.

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Protect your guests and yourself with event medical services. Clients who are involved in high risk activities or who appreciate the need for special emergency protection can rely on the standby services offered by Aaron Paramedical. We never leave you waiting.