Ground Transport Unit

Aaron Paramedical Services provides ambulance for inter-hospital patient transfer services for patients in Calgary and other locations in Alberta. It also provides private transport to and from nursing care facilities for clients who would like to have family members closer to home, when and where you require. This services is also available for transport to and from locations in other parts of Canada.


All Personnel employed by Aaron Paramedical are registered under the Alberta Health Disciplines Act as Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs), Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) or Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs). The company also ensures that the skills and knowledge of all Personnel are continually updated through the on-going education and in-service training programs.

The Medical Director for Aaron Paramedical Services is Dr. Zubis. Dr. Zubis has been a medical director in the field over 20 years. He is also onstaff at the Red Deer Hospital where he actively practices.


All units are maintained to meet the rigorous ambulance standards of Alberta Health. Our vehicles are equipped at the ALS (Advanced List Support) and BLS ( Basic Life Support) level and are ready to respond in any transport or standby situation.