Event Standby

Imagine that an athlete at one of your sporting events is injured on the field and they must lie there in pain, waiting, as the audience looks on wondering “why don’t they do something?” It’s a situation which can easily arise if you’re relying on local EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to reach your location. If the local EMS is already attending another call, the wait can be a long one. It is for this reason that many insurance companies will not cover your sporting event unless you have continual ambulance standby. Aaron Paramedical provides that continual ground transport unit standby, stabilizing the ill or injured patient and, if necessary, calling in regional EMS to transport.

Aaron Paramedical has held long-term contracts for events at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede (including the rodeo events), Calgary Flames hockey games and other professional and amateur sporting events. For years our specialty has been providing medical services at rodeos, but we have also provided stand-by services to all types of sporting events including the 1988 Winter Olympics, winter and summer motorcycle races, professional soccer (Calgary Mustangs) and lacrosse (Calgary Roughnecks), the Monster Truck Jam, car races and ski races, just to name a few.

Clients who are involved in high risk activities or who appreciate the need for special emergency protection can rely on the standby services offered by Aaron Paramedical. We never leave you waiting.

Concerts and Social Events

Aaron Paramedical has been providing standby medical services to company events for many years. We provide that extra level of protection at your events. Any company that holds large events for employees and customers knows the peace of mind that comes from having uniformed Advanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) and Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) in attendance. Our presence at your events will send a positive message to everyone involved: You care enough about the people at this event to take precautions to protect their health and well-being. Should an illness or injury take place, we will have our experienced, qualified medical practitioners on site, ready to handle the situation in a professional and timely manner.

Film and Television

Film and Television Set Standby

Aaron Paramedical has a reputation unrivalled anywhere in Western Canada for providing top notch emergency medical standby services to motion picture and television production companies. Studios, sound stages and location sites can be dangerous places but our extensive experience in providing emergency medical services on these sites enables us to provide the kind of unique coverage that production facilities require. Aaron Paramedical Personnel are experienced in motion picture and television set procedures, they know how to take direction from television and film production Personnel and they understand and respect the additional needs of a large and complex production. We have the experience, the equipment and the expertise to help you meet the unique challenges of your industry. With Aaron Paramedical on your production site, you have one less thing to worry about.

Medical Equipment Props and Extras

Motion picture and television productions that portray emergency medical Personnel in action usually want to “get it right.” That’s where Aaron Paramedical Services can help. We provide consultation services to help your performers portray emergency medical practitioners accurately. We can also provide you with specially-trainedAdvanced Care Paramedics (ACPs) and Primary Care Paramedics (PCPs) to act as extras if you don’t want to use your own actors. On top of that, we can provide real emergency medical equipment to be used as props and we will show your actors how to use it properly. If your production involves the portrayal of emergency medical Personnel, “getting it right” is as simple as having Aaron Paramedical on set.